Mac Sawhill fabricated and installed his first shower in 1990.  Mac says, "Everyone starts with the same sheet of material - it's what you create
with it that makes the difference."  Here are a few photos which may help you understand what we can do for you in your bathroom.  First of all,
using solid surface in your shower or tub surround means that you will
never have grout lines to clean again!  It also means you can gain space.  
That's because we custom fabricate the shower walls, pan and dam to what your space will allow.  Typically this is more expensive than tile, but
product in one area of your home where cleanliness is vital.  Solid surface also allows you to fully utilize your shower space as we can customize
needed - which also eliminates the need to hot mop the floor.  Then, like a puzzle we begin the assembly and finish by fully coving the walls and
pan.  You may further customize your shower by using alternating colors, stripes or other design elements, all while obtaining a seamless look
that will enhance the value of your home.  We also offer fully accessible shower pans that are custom made to fit your bathroom.
dam, pan and walls.  
Coving is in the
corners where the
walls meet the floor
and again on inside
corners where panel
meets panel.  When
done, the shower
looks molded into the
space and
completely seamless..
Combo Soap/Shampoo box:
removable soap shelf, plus it is
extra tall to accommodate the tallest
of shampoo bottles.  
The top box is a Single Shampoo box
and below is a Single Soap Box.  This
installation shows contrasting shelf colors
and are inset into the wall between the
studs.  Coving is available for an
additional charge.
Tub surround using Glacier White
Corian with stripe and accents in
Aruba.  Fully coved walls in corners.  
Also shows full window wrap.
Picture at left and below are the same job in the
Hi-Macs Volcanic line in the color Cameroon.
Full tub deck and face, custom shower with
pan, dam and fully coved walls.  Shower door
and side walls are frameless and is achieved by
making a slot in the deck to hold glass panels
from the door company.
Custom shower with bench and full
window wrap using Hi-Macs and Corian.
Hi-Macs Tambora tub surround with
corner soap shelf with towel holder
and custom ledge.
Custom shower
sizes are no
problem since we
build to your
space.  Like a
puzzle, each piece
is individually
fabricated and
then installed and
finished to look
seamless.  This
customer gained
elbow room
because we fit the
shower to the
room available.
Clamshell and
with custom
seat.  This to be
Corian (should it
Clamshell and
necessary) by
necessary) by
making the front
making the front
dam shorter.  
dam shorter.  
Blocking was
Blocking was
placed inside
the walls to
attach grab bars
at a future date.
Below is a custom tub, vanity and shower made
using Corian Glacier White with Azure stripe and
custom Azure vanity bowls.  Yes, the tub is fully
fabricated from Corian and is one of a kind.
Corian Bethany walls with Corian
Silt pan.  Customer inset rock tiles
as accent.  
Coved Corian Bethany vanity with rock
tiles as accent at back splash.  
Corner soap shelf with notches to
hold razor and stringed scrubby.
Close up of coved back splash which
frames custom rock tile inset.
Double-wide shampoo box with floating soap shelf.
Yet another example of Mac going the
extra mile.  This is a downward look at
the floor air return register in Corian!
Corian Egyptian Copper Shower and vanity
Corian Clam Shell and Tumbleweed
custom shower with corner seat
Corian Rain Cloud Shower and Vanity
Staron Breccia Bisque - Custom tub
deck combined with wheel-chair
accessible shower pan - all made and
designed by Mac!
Close up view of accessible
shower threshold.
We have many more pictures at our modest show room.  Please call us to
schedule an appointment to find out what we can do for you!
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Follow this link to watch a pictorial video of
how we install a seamless shower!